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Morning Meditation 18: Luncheon

Let’s begin. Welcome. You’re livid. Time to calm yourself down. It’s time to ease off, break. It’s that season. I wanna talk about motherhood and I wanna talk about placement. This is about love.

Relax yourself. Begin with your seated-position arms in a V and your fingers out. With your eyes focused, crossover your legs so that your spine is erect and your neck sits around it. Relax your ears. Breathe.

Let’s begin with your mouth on your bolster and your heart straight up. Everybody should have a strap. Before we begin I’d like to announce a change in the schedule. Put your knees somewhere between your legs.

Good. Everyone’s comfortable. Open your pelvic floor and settle on yourself. Locate your center. Begin with your eyes fixating and find a circular part of my body to arrive on. Listen to my words.

Begin with your mother hosting a lunch. Sit with your belly firm against a table. Relax your shoulders. Relax your tongue. There’s nowhere to go. Take a moment to affirm your surroundings.

Now, With your heart wide open, begin by placing your hands around your cup. Notice your small fingers wrapping. Notice your thirst. Before we begin, notice that your shoes are untied. Feel your young shoes below your heart. Exhale.

Let’s begin by lacing your fingers around your small bottle. Don’t think about the past or the future. Don’t forget to breathe. Take your strap and extend your lips around the rubber opening. You’re here simply to feel your body and listen.

Begin by climbing up your mother’s legs. Relax. Sit with your head pressing up and in. Your hands are relaxed. Your skull is soft. Everything around feels familiar and cozy. Everything is cared for.

Begin with your death long.

Morning Meditation 18: Luncheon