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Split by a +
into four leading bodies
darker than any race or mineral,

you are awake as four
in the center of a white floor
at the bottom of a white room.

Your skins reflect
no color, bloated
with captured light,

so the room sees
four holes
where yous are.

Move away from your
selves now towards the
four floor corners,

and butter your wakes
with your dark being so
to grow an X behind you.

Lift up the seams
where the walls chop
and hide their rights,

and take the ceiling from
the corners in to
mirror the X of you

below. Find your self four
times at once in the center
and press your holes

together. Enjoy this now
and rotate with care for

ty-five degrees counter-
clockwise. Wheel your self
over till you find

the white wedges
between the limbs of
your first whiteless X,

and push out again
off you, towards the
middles. Make an anus

up there then down-
split the walls
in two erectangles.

Be awake and alive in
the dark smearing.
Your leading bodies

erode as they draw
down now, and again
L onto the floor

plane. Touch your selves
at the start and enjoy it
again. Rotate this time

just twenty-two and
a half ° so to fill
four of the eight *V*s.

Now push, and slither
your shrinking leads
so you paintbucket

wholly the white
wedges and web
your dark digits.

Out and up and
side to side
do not spare breath

a single spec.
Have half the walls
then gamma the upper folds

and meet as a chandelier.
Enjoy this. Find the four
remaining whites and skin them

with zest. Your wakes
are ever slimmer
so your zagging

bends a higher pitch;
your frequency ups;
your path is compressed.

Do not get discouraged!
gamma the folds back to the
walls and proceed

down. The ceiling is all you
now: no light leaving.
The walls’ right lids

are dozing shut-
four gameovers.
I know that now

your drop is slowing
but you must
keep at it. Keep

drawing your shades,
thoroughly, with care.
Your shuttles are

shrinking, your rollers are
drying out but the walls
are smothered now so

do not let up. Down
L to the floor and
fill up this pie.

The pinching slices
speed up your inching;
your shrinking is

balanced between these
thighs. Your being
has grounded now

dark and everywhere
around the (finalfourfading)

Move diligently
towards your