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Holes imply a penetrated medium; a gap in some thing. They are figurative in that they exist on or in a ground, and they are composed of absence or ground. A hole is a figured ground in a grounded figure. Its paradoxical ontology bleeds out and in (it infects all the concentric figure/ground binaries within it and surrounding it). For example:

A hole in the ground is a figure and so is the ground. The ground is a planet, a figure in space-ground. Loopily, the planet-hole yawns in the space-figure and the space-figure occupies the hole in the ground. Sharing the hole there’s a mole. The mole is a hole in the hole. Inside the mole-hole there’s a mouth-hole and the mouth is the figure-hole in the mole-ground. Inside the mouth-hole there’s a mole-soul and like all selves and souls the mole-soul is a hole, etc.

Holes are revelatory. They afford domains previously hidden by whatever they interrupt.

The material that a hole is made of is lack. Zeros are holes but so are ones. Ones lack zeroness and twoness and horsiness and blueness and wholeness. A one is a hole between an object and an index finger.

The word “figurative” is a hole in itself. It interrupts it’s own ground. It refers to signs that stray from a literal correspondence to their referents and it refers to a literal representation of an object.

Figuratively, there is a hole in every thing between what it is and how it appears. When those holes collapse, things end.

Holes are positively dark: Holes are full of color: Holes covet light: Holes don’t share. If one is outside a hole she can’t breath its colors. To know a hole you have to be a hole in a hole.

There are three species of holes: Mouth Holes (MH, Vessels), Mouth-Anus Holes (MAH, Torus Holes), and Branching Holes (BH, VH, Capillary, or Vermicular holes). All holes have a mouth. Many holes have a mouth and an anus. The human hole also has nostrils, ears, eyes, about 2 billion pores, a urethra, and more often than not a vagina. Humans and all vertebrates can be classified as either torus holes or branching holes. Their integumentary-mouth-anus-digestive topology renders them Torus Holes but their other openings render them Branching Holes. Vaginas are Mouth Holes and operate independently.

Abraham Lincoln was a hole. Kittens are holes. A basketball jersey is a Branching Hole. A basketball is a Mouth Hole. A peep hole is always a gigantic Torus etc.

A Torus Hole’s mouth and anus can flip like the poles of the earth. Such inversions often result in sexual pleasure.

Holes prevent objects from continuously shrinking to a point.

January 2015